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Ideas are often vetted and modified through the Ferradino Firm's careful analysis of viability and identification of potential obstacles to an idea's fruition. Through the process of analysis, Stephanie identifies essential team members in order to provide the necessary consultants to achieve a client's goals.  She then provides the strategic path and timeframe for essential steps.


Obtaining regulatory and municipal approvals and providing zoning analysis for potential sites has been a common thread running throughout Stephanie's career. From the point of concept development, through site selection and environmental review, Stephanie leads the team of engineers and architects to ensure her client's project goals are met.  


The Ferradino Firm can assist in every aspect of solar development. Stephanie's experience began with siting the first large scale solar array in New York State at Skidmore College. Since that time, she has provided municipal advice to towns seeking to include legislation in their zoning code to regulate solar development. She provides advice to solar developers in New York who are seeking to site projects and who need assistance creating strategies to accommodate local and state regulation, negotiate contracts and leases with landowners and evaluate feasibility of sites. She has also represented landowners to ensure their interests are protected when solar developers seek to site projects on their land.  



Stephanie has handled residential housing projects of all sizes, including planning and obtaining approvals of large scale subdivisions, consolidation of lots and siting of single family homes. She provides the owner with a roadmap of the necessary steps to obtain approvals within the confines of the municipality's regulations and any required environmental review.  

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